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Stonehenge Global Seeds Processing Facility
Stonehenge Gloal Seed Inc Processing Facility

With the addition of our on-farm state-of-the-art processing facility we are in full control of safety and quality assurance throughout the supply chain. The facility is third-party audited, GFSI certified and FSMA compliant. We offer infrared color sorting and x-ray technology to provide additional food safety confidence.

Building our processing facility took research and visits to many different facilities around the globe to decide on the best equipment and process flows. Our ability to meet the specific needs of our customers is what allows us to provide quality, safe, organic ingredients to our customers. 

In January 2018 we received our FSSC 2200 Certification by AIB International.  This third party audit is a fully recognized standard by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). 

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